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Where can I find information about MIHRM's training programmes?

At MIHRM, we offer a wide range of training programmes for HR professionals in both public and private sectors. Our programmes include courses in HR management, talent development, leadership, and more. To learn more about our offerings, please visit our website or contact us directly.


Can I visit MIHRM's training center?

Yes, you can visit our training centre located in Malaysia. We offer on-site training programmes as well as online courses to accommodate your needs and preferences.

Please contact us to schedule a visit or to learn more about our training centre. In addition, we also provide training at your premises at your request. 


What is the cost of MIHRM's training programmes?

The cost of our training programmes varies depending on the type of programme and its duration. Our course fees are very reasonable.

We offer flexible payment options and discounts for group registrations. 

HRD Corp claimable.


What will I receive upon completion of MIHRM's training programmes?

Upon completion of our training programme, you will receive a certification from MIHRM, Malaysia's primary professional body for Human Resource Management.

Our certification is widely recognised globally and nationally by private corporations, Government Linked Companies (GLC), statutory bodies, the Department of Skills Development, HR Ministry and even universities.

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