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Personal Particulars



The highest qualification attained)


Please list your appointment / designations past to the present in chronological order giving reasons for any break in service, if any. Use a separate sheet if necessary


1) I hereby apply for admission to the Rolls of Membership of the Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management, on the grade as deemed appropriate by the Council. I undertake to abide by the Constitution and will comply with the by-Laws, rules, policies and Code of Ethics of MIHRM during the currency of my membership.

2) I declare that all particulars and information supplied in connection with this Application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. If any of the above found untrue, I agree that MIHRM reserves the right to act accordingly.

3) I hereby authorize MIHRM Council or any of the Committee and Staff in the Secretariat to make reference checks and to use the information in this Application for whatever purpose (e.g. Inclusion into Directory)as may be necessary in furtherance to the objectives of MIHRM.

On submission of this form please pay RM 25.00 being Registration fee by Cheque or Money to the attention of the Administrator Membership MIHRM.